6 comments on “Gimme A Grammy

  1. Adele is a good choice. Hope she wins. I do hope that Coldplay does not win everything. I applaud you for picking Madge…she probably won’t win it. I’m sure it’ll be Rihanna instead but it would be great for Madge to nab a Grammy this year.

  2. great picks – it would be nice to see Adele do well, though can she really beat the Jonas Bros?!?!?! ( 😛 ) And my belated love for Coldplay’s album means i am rooting for them all the way. That plagairism suit is BOGUS man. As one might say.

  3. I love to see Cyndi pick up a Grammy – that would be amazing. I don’t agree about Madonna being the only true dance record in her category though. Surely that honour goes to Lady Gaga? As far as the major categories go, I really don’t care because none of those musicians appeal to me at all.

  4. Please let Duffy win nothing! Send her back to Wales for awhile!

    I heard Coldplay is settling with Satriani. ?? I don’t think anyone feels it was intentional though.

  5. Yuri, Rihanna apparently got beat down before AND during the Grammys. (Sorry…PMN in no way endorses violence)

    Paul, she did! Boo-ya!

    Mike, we could probably have a great debate on this, but I would call GaGa’s track a pop song about dancing. But that’s just me.

    XO, too late.

    ww_adh, get out of my head!

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