9 comments on “Video Notables – Pet Shop Boys

  1. Oh my god! It’s a big GAY version of Sonic The Hedgehog – with only a slightly better soundtrack. Love the video, still underwhelmed by the song.

  2. ALLOVER THE WORLD for next PSB single. It’s “worlds” (pardon the pun) better than “Love, Etc.”.

  3. All, video is updated. I guess someone got a bit defensive they weren’t getting the YouTube traffic.

    Will, but I’m not done with this one yet!

    Echo, no arguments at all.

    Yuri, that’s the line of the week.

    Paul, I like it when you say “snogging”.

    Adem, I’ve played a little too much of those games back in the day.

    ww, I still go back to the video. That doesn’t happen often.

    Mike, it is rather brilliant.

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