7 comments on “I Spoke Too Soon

  1. :::sobs uncontrollably:::

    Someone console me, please.

    For a brief glimmer, I thought my store in Union Square would be the only one in NYC and that would be cool and mod and it didn’t hurt so bad that the Times Square one was closing…


  2. oh no! I was already heartbroken that the one in vegas had become an overpriced pretentious clothing shop. I had to have double portions at the cheesecake factory next door to console myself 😦 BTW the discounts ARE amazing in the final days so get thee down there

  3. This is so sad! A landmark gone. It really shocks me to hear kids on the subway go, “CDs? Eww! I don’t listen to CDs!” .. what has become of the world?? 😦

  4. Mel, you can always have my shoulder if you need it.

    Yuri, you’re welcome.

    Paul, Cheesecake Factory is always good for what ails ya.

    Mike, it’s a gift.

    ww, a Forever 21. All of these stores apparently already have higher paying tenants lined up.

    Will-W., they probably wouldn’t even know what a cassette tape is.

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