8 comments on ““Wasn’t Nothin’ Strange About Your Daddy!”

    • It’s interesting, though. Are they eccentric because they don’t care what the world thinks, or are they eccentric as a side effect of being brilliant?

  1. It was little Paris at the end that got to me. My goodness. I almost cried watching Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” video, which I think it was leftover emotions from the memorial.

    • Wow…you might want to stay away from Hallmark card stores for a few days. But yeah…absolutely moving.

  2. Great post. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Michael was messed up but there was more to him than the man that dangled babies from balconies.

    However, you forgot the major highlight – La Toya’s stunning hat!

    • I didn’t actually SEE the memorial until last night. Paris loved her some Auntie LaToya, didn’t she? Toy’s clingin’ to those kids tighter than a junkie holds a syringe. Them’s her meal ticket!

  3. I nearly lost it when Paris got up there to speak. Auntie Janet’s encouragement was sweet. She better keep little Paris under her wing, with all the kids’ futures up in the air right now.

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