6 comments on “Random Notes – 07-08-09

  1. Yay on the return of your laptop. It sucks big time when it craps out on ya.

    And I too thought Casey had given up the chart ghost years ago. I thought the wretched Ryan Seacrest was doing them all or forced him into retirement or whatevrah. Casey is the reason I like the charts so much as well. Good times.

    • I don’t know if Casey is the reason I like the charts (I find myself attracted to rankings), but he definitely had a distinct sound that made it stand out.

  2. Gaad.. the video for “Sweet Dreams” is so embarassing. She must be financing her own videos again on Dereon funds. I will be seeing her in a few days. Can’t wait.

    • Will, I am actually liking the video. It’s certifiable, but I love the visual impact. I want to see Beyonce do a science fiction epic sometime in the near future. Maybe call it “Virtual Be”?

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