15 comments on “Random Notes – 06/28/09

  1. DAMN! That’s one fine specimen of a man, that Yuri guy!

    Srsly, great fun…thanks for some proper pimpage of our feature.

    And I think I shall be the one giving the hell, thankyourverymuch! 😛

  2. you two are in such a bromance. It’s like the banterviews on chartrigger!

    Can’t wait to hear how you found the cookie live, and shayne looks quite spaffleable in that video e.g. tres bon indeedio.

    • Bromance…HA! And I promise nothing but respect to D’luv with the legendary banterview. I have no chance of ever being that trashy fabulous.

      I think Shayne looks pretty fine there myself. Who knows what else he was doing at that computer. 😉

    • Thanks for the tip, Tina. Actually saw that on another blog a few days ago. Glad you liked the one I posted.

  3. Pingback: Twitted by lissy6

    • Thanks, Adem. Most of our online chats are not printable, so we had to keep it in check.

  4. OMG. I know its a bit too late but that Shayne Ward video totally made my day better! ROFL. Adorable and dorky. Cute. =) THANKS SO MUCH.

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