11 comments on “If I Ruled the Radio

  1. I love Cee-Lo’s song, but the “Forget You” radio edit leaves me–well, not totally cold, but cooler than I would like, which is surprising. Maybe they just didn’t choose the right replacement word to keep with the flow of the song. Wish we could just here the original all over radios RIGHT NOW.

    • Have you heard it on the radio, or just on the Internet? Billboard reports that 10 pop stations are playing the song right now, but they didn’t identify what version.

  2. i can’t imagine a radio edit of Fuck You. What’s the point (I know what the point is, but it’s a pointless point!) – it radiates in it’s bluntness. thank god for digital radio 🙂

  3. You NEED to rule the radio, bro. These tracks are hot. I especially love the Cee-Lo and HURTS trackage. But all are jams.

    • I saw the other day on a blog that Hurts are being released here mid-September, but I haven’t been able to find any proof to back that up. They need to be here soon so I can see them live.

  4. I am glad you called it on that last crap Sara Bareilles single. Talk about the safest, most mundane move. I hope she can pull it together with the album.

    • Don’t get me wrong…I do like the song. I was just a bit disappointed by it. This just gave me more hope for the new CD.

  5. Cee-Lo’s song is impeccable. In one day it’s already hit #31 on Canada iTunes! The world is so ready for the F word!! 🙂

    And yes, love Sara’s track too..

    Hurts are still growing on me.

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