6 comments on “Cookin’ Up An Album

  1. I really love David and I hope I love this album. “Light On” has left me cold, but you said it’s been growing on you? Maybe I need to buy it, put it on the “listen to often” list, and give it a real chance.

    He’s got so much potential–I just hope that 1.) the material lives up to it, and 2.) he’s managed properly.

  2. I’m not really a huge fan of either David, but I do adore the Dennis (despite the tarnish of having worked with hooker du jour, Katy Perry) so I’m sure I will check this out…

  3. Cathy Dennis?! For real? Wow, I think you have my full attention now.

    As for Cookie, I think he’s a super nice guy (going to see Luke Menard in the hospital and such). I just haven’t been a real fan. Perhaps that will change. I did buy “Light On” and thus helped him debut where he did. As for 19/record company, I think you have too much faith in those losers. Look what they did to Blake! But I’m not going to be negative…perhaps they will do Cookie right?

  4. Poster, I will refund your 99 cents if you don’t like it. Just give it a few listens.

    Paul, Katy’s not worth your ire. Let it go.

    Yuri, good point. The Blake Lewis CD was amongst my top 10 of 2007, and the failure of that record should have lead to Clive Davis’s ouster. Wait…maybe this would explain him having stepped down in April.

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