5 comments on “Random Notes – 10/15/08

  1. I am really liking (peachy) Keane’s CD so far. Way poppier and happier than the last affair. Hurray for sobriety, right?!

    And speaking of being clean and sober… give it up for ‘glitch’-buster Titney for overcoming and getting to #1 anyways.

  2. Keane have released a special edition CD here with demo versions of each song on and it’s rather spiffy to hear the tunes in such a raw format.

    L’Indigo Girls? LOVE THEM!!! SO MUCH! Can’t wait for their return.

  3. Yuri, couldn’t agree more to sobriety. Should we drink to that?

    Paul, one more reason why I like you, mister! Amy’s new one is supposed to be a little more mellow than some of her other solo stuff, so it might even be worth checking out.

    Dan, Amen to that!

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