4 comments on “An Ode to Last.fm

  1. I’m all about last.fm. Man, I get pissed off when my songs don’t scrobble! I even found a way to scrobble while at work (even tho last.fm is banned by the bank!). As a hater of “PR” and “corporate” reviews (give me a ‘Joe Blogger’ review any day), I think you are right on the money about how last.fm is all about what folks are liking and what’s hot right now–without the slant.

  2. I’m with Yuri on the getting frustrated when my songs don’t scrobble properly! I still think about how nice it would’ve been if it had properly imported my previous listening history when I signed up instead of having me start from scratch, too.

    I love how all the charts get instantly updated now as opposed to having to wait to the end of the week for the update.

  3. Having been a last.fm member for quite some time (I think I signed up in 04 when it was still “audioscrobbler”), I’ve seen it go through a lot of changes. There was a lot of moaning and groaning about the latest site overhaul, but in the end, I think it is a good thing. That having been said, there are a few formatting things I would do differently, but hey, no one asked me,

    I’ve met a lot of good souls via last.fm (nearly the number I have blogging) and it’s great how music can bring people together. While I’m naturally drawn to people that share my musical tastes, I have also been turned on to a lot of new music by people whose Venn Diagram of music doesn’t have much overlap with mine!

    And what Yuri said about “Joe Blogger” reviews (although I am hesitant to say Joe-anything these days.) They are the best kind of reviews there are.

  4. Yuri, thanks for the add. Now I can see the twisted inner musical workings from the mind of Yuri!

    Poster Girl, SO with you on the scrobbling. There was quite a while there where the scrobbler didn’t work well with Mac, and it would frustrate me to no end. All seems well now, though. Care to be friends?

    Dan, yeah…you are an elder statesman on last.fm, given your date of joining and the number of tracks. I bow in your general direction.

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