5 comments on “Random Notes – 11/11/08

  1. mwahahahahaha! You are never going to forgive me for the number 6 only then lingering at 19 for weeks placing of Boyfriend are you?! Haha. It DOES feature high in my current end of year chart i must confess, perhaps more enduring than some of my number ones 🙂

    BTW I freaking love Il Divo, Blake, Jonathan Ansell – all that pretty boy opera pop! Their power of love is gorge.

  2. Congrats on all the page views! That’s awesome. And I agree, Enya at Christmas seems RIGHT, even if it’s not as stellar as Watermark.

  3. You can make it all right on the year-end chart, Paul. It’s within your power. I’ll be waiting over here, mm’kay?

    Yuri, thanks so much for the praise and the reassurance. A track from the Enya CD even debuted on the AC chart this week, so I think it’s off to the races. Even Billboard is now predicting a Top 10 debut.

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