5 comments on “Wanna Like It

  1. For me, it was Necessary Evil by Debbie Harry. I wanted to like it so much more than I did. I have since come to appreciate it, but there’s no denying it did not satisfy like I expected it to. And since she does not record nearly often enough, that was a tragedy!

  2. It happens quite a lot. Mercifully i heard the same difference album in full today and that did live up to my hype. Phew. Apocalypse diverted 🙂 Take that better be brilliant though!

  3. BLASPHEMER!!!! How could you desert Cookie in his time of need????!!!!

    j/k! It was bound to happen, even to Cookie. It may grow on you though. I’ve not heard it in full yet, but I don’t have high hopes.

  4. John, I’m sorry to hear that about the album (which, like Yuri, I haven’t heard yet and, like Yuri, I hope grows on you)–you’ve been such a good supporter of him and some of the things you’ve reported him saying have only further built up goodwill towards him. I’ll hope if nothing else it’s a growing pains album; if you’re an artist who likes to help create tracks, maybe it takes some trial and error to figure out who and how you mesh with “big name” songwriters and producers.

  5. Dan, I really tried with “Evil” as well, but it just didn’t work that well for me. Thanks for sympathizing.

    Ah, Same Diff. They’ll never let you down, Paul, will they?

    Yuri, you’ll burn for that guilt infliction!

    PG, it’s coming around. I watched a live performance of six tracks this weekend (through Wal-Mart’s website, of all places), and I feel a lot better about it. I will still be at the store bright and early on Tuesday to pick up the CD.

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