8 comments on “It’s Silly, Really

  1. “Silly Really” is currently being presented as one of the new releases of the week in both “Hits 1’s Ear Poppin’ New Music! ” and “Hit-Bound” programs. This is the first time the single is air-played outside of Sweden.

    You can vote for “Silly Really” following this link http://www.sirius.com/siriushits1

  2. “Silly Really” is really good. I keep meaning to listen to the whole album (some digital sellers got it early) but haven’t yet…something I could also say about much of Roxette’s catalogue. I KNOW I will love it, but I’m still only on a (big) singles relationship with them.

    I had no idea that was how “The Look” (reputedly) broke! That’s so cool–amazing, really, as well as a dream-come-true sort of scenario for me.

  3. Kevin, not a problem! Just doin’ my job.

    Ros, thanks for the extra detail. You can pick up your check at the door.

    Yuri, f’real.

    PG, I had actually heard that story years ago, so it was nice to see some clarification. And I was pretty surprised you hadn’t commented on this song in the first place.

    D’luv, I’m always cleanin’ up after you.

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