4 comments on “Grammy Got Run Over By Lil Wayne

  1. Who the heck is Jazmine Sullivan???

    And yeah, best “new” artist nod for the Jonas Bros? They are on their 3rd album! Not that I’m a huge fan of Katy Hooker Perry, but she didn’t get a nod and has 2 Top 5 songs this year–one of those going postal all over the world too. I’m going to calm down now..why do the Grammys always piss me off?? LOL

  2. Guys… Omg!~ Jazmine Sullivan’s album is amazing. Not sure about her live performances as I’ve never seen her live, but on recording, she’s quite stellar. Like an Amy-meets-Lauryn thing going on there.

    I am still in awe at Katy’s shafting; but it seems that she’s had the final word on that matter with her latest blog posting. :p

    Duffy for Best New Artist!!!!!



  3. Yuri, while I know you’re rebuilding your Katy Perry after trampling it a la Godzilla, the Jonas Brothers sold a LOT more records this year than Ms Perry. And as long as they cock-blocked Miley, I’m good with that.

    Will-W., while I really do respect your taste, I just don’t get the Jazmine record. “Need” is such a blatant Lauryn ripoff that I lost respect right away. Having said that, I have listened to the record, and it’s really a B-grade R&B record, IMHO. Trust me, I’d love to get behind a bonafide R&B singer that can cross into the mainstream, but I’m just not feelin’ her.

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