3 comments on “Video Notables – Beyonce Two-Fer

  1. Dude, she is SO ripping off Lady G! Who wears shoulder pads and funky, futuristically non-flattering outfits? No one but the Gaga.

    Great line about the perfume bottle only touched twice a year!

  2. I agree. I think 2 videos at once is bombardment really; I actually think “Halo” is a beautiful track – one of the best on the album.

    Give her a chance and look back at this posting in a month. I guarantee your perspective will change. Sasha’s definitely a grower.


    Happy Holidays to you and thanks for all the blogging goodness!



  3. Yuri, how dare you question me! No dessert for you. Straight to bed, mister!

    Will-W, thanks for holiday wishes, and I wish the best for you as well. Nice to see your mention on Yuri’s top list. As for Sasha, I’m just a tad burned out on the Umbrella formula, but we’ll see if it grows on me. There’s enough on the CD that I do like that it’s not a huge loss for me to not be crazy about “Halo”. Besides, that video is REALLY bad, by Be’s standards.

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