5 comments on “At the Turn of the 80s

  1. Shamefully i can still do a move perfect remake of Olivia’s Physical without even thinking about it. Now where are my leg warmers…

  2. ONJ was my first celebrity crush and “Physical” the first 45rpm single that I purchased. She really paved the way for my eventual Madonna fandom, believe it or not. One thing though? That mullet was such a bad idea!

  3. OMG…I bet you wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer too, didn’tcha? 😛

    My first LP was Blondie’s Parallel Lines bought at an Albertson’s grocery store (yeah, it had a music/record section). It was an “oldie” when I snatched it up, but it was an awesome intro into disco, ska, and alternative music.

  4. John, this is a really great post – and I know who Melanie was! I was similarly inspired by my mum’s old records (Barbra Streisand, ABBA, Donna Summer – and she had the nerve to be surprised when I turned out gay!) and ONJ is probably my second favourite singer of all time . Her work in the late 70s and early 80s was flawless. She was on Solid Gold quite often – there is lots of fabulousness just waiting for you on youtube!

  5. Paul, you should charge admission for those moves, seeing how you’re all buff from the Wii Fit (and Steps, of course).

    Dan, there are MULTIPLE bad ideas in ONJ’s fashion palette. Where do we start?

    Yuri, are you kidding? I was a pudgy kid. Even then, I knew my place…BEHIND the camera.

    Mike, I spent a whole night a week ago going through Solid Gold clips. My brain hasn’t really recovered yet.

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