6 comments on “In Between Times

  1. I totally agree. It’s kind of crazy. I wasn’t too big on Adele at first, but “Chasing Pavements” bit and clawed at me until I payed proper attention. I don’t think since Norah Jones have we really seen a Grammy windfall like hers.

  2. I thought Lily had the new #1? Go Team Lily!!! hehehehe

    To be honest, I found Adele’s debut v. rushed. I think we still have yet to hear the best to come from her.

  3. Mel, I thought it was just me seeing that. Thanks.

    Yuri, as I always say, play to your strengths!

    Paul, mission accomplished!

    Will-W, I’m not sure I feel the rushed vibe, but you have my full support in saying that we haven’t heard the best of Adele yet.

    ww_adh, you may get a bit of that soon.

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