4 comments on “In Search of a Star

  1. Wow, we both called Danny as the winnah! We shall see…

    And I disagree with your take on Von. I think we’ll see more horrendibleness from him soonly!

  2. i just commented at yuri’s what a brilliant scripted drama american idol is, but actually much like grey’s anatomy or x factor or big brother in the UK it needs a break, you are totally right. perhaps the x factor formula would work over there for a while??

  3. gaa. i still think it’s far too early to tell. i agree, the show got the important breath of resuscitation this season, but i think kara d. helped save the show. i love her!

    tatiana is scary! she is genuinely imbalanced!!

  4. Yuri, he’s been in the business a while. I think you’re looking at a long ride with Von.

    Paul, possibly. Don’t know how I feel about that, but maybe.

    Will-W., she truly is deranged.

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