4 comments on “Norman Gentle Is a GOD

  1. i actually watched this weeks show because one of deborah gibson’s electric youth camp alum was on – Mishovana? Who i thought was rather good actually and then typically it was at the portion of the script where no more praise is allowed to be dished out so the judges were left cold by her. How freaking typical. She wasn’t the strongest of the night, but definitely top3/

  2. I just watched the results show and I think America sucks for not putting him through to the Top 12. My daughter voted for him 12 times alone…how could that not have been enough?

  3. Paul, I did like her, but it seemed a bit overly serious, so I can see why they turned on her.

    Mike, your love of Norman doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Yuri, what are your kids doing up that late to begin with?

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