19 comments on “Second Time Around

  1. i have to tells ya, that elliot yamsforpudding song is really growing on me. And yes might work for shayne ward. But Battlefield – well it has all been done before by Mr Tedder, but so was Since You’ve Been Gone and they are both marvelous.

    • Yeah…I think some folks are having the same reservations about “Battlefield” that other people had about “My Life Would Suck”. Good call! For some reason, I just think this is a better song than some of the other tracks it is being compared to (most notably “Halo”).

  2. “Over and done?” Oh, no, NOT YET! As Elliott says, this is not a race but a marathon! Everyone else is suffering in the biting recession, and Elliott is doing just fine, with much less overhead than the majors. Re Top 40, everything there is crap, and it badly needs a dose of Yamin’s ethereal artistry.

    And did you know that Elliott Yamin is NUMBER ONE in Japan at this very moment?

    • My concern right now is with how the promotion has been set up. For example, the video is terrific, but it came easily a month after the single was serviced to radio. I hope the record catches fire, but the odds of it doing so right now aren’t looking too great.

  3. I love Elliott’s new CD, too. As an independent artist, it’s really tough for him to get any radio play these days. It’s a crying shame how they ignore any artists not with a “major” label. I’ve also seen him in concert, and he gives an incredible live performance — so much passion, energy and intensity. Most of the Top 40 artists today just fail without Auto-tune. I hope radio will give him a break, because his voice needs to be heard!!

    • Cathy, no argument at all about his passion and pure talent. I’m glad he went the independent route, since he probably got paid from his debut, which many Idol artists probably don’t.

  4. I respect Elliot for going the indie route. It’s more about his voice than his material anyhow. His video is all over Vh1…I adore “Battlefield” and kind of at a lost that it’s not firing up the radio charts. I don’t know what the public is thinking. First V Factory and now this? But…I’m keeping the faith. I’m very excited for her upcoming album. I wasn’t keen on Daughtry’s new single but I ended up adoring their debut so…only time will tell.

    • I don’t watch VH1 anymore, so I didn’t know the video was getting a lot of play. It’s actually REALLY well done. And Battlefield is picking up some momentum, so fingers crossed.

  5. I bought Elliott Yamin’s sophomore CD “Fight For Love” and love every single track and some of the bonus tracks. It’s amazing that music of this calibur is just totally missing out on the charts. The radio isn’t playing the tunes so who is buying. But I gotta tell ya, those who haven’t taken the time to listen to the music, are truly missing out. Dude, don’t be hatin’ on the mullet!!! He’s adorable no matter what!!!!

    • This CD is much more solid and consistent than the first one, and as I said before, he’s really finding his own voice.

  6. To be honest, I try to avoid the American Idol alumni like the plague. That shows seems to produce the most boring, soulless individuals on the music scene.

    I’m not a fan of Jordin’s new song. It’s a rude re-hash of Beyonce’s “Halo”, only without B’s beautiful voice. As for Daughtry, I couldn’t name a single song of his – so I can’t judge.

    I did like Elliot’s “Wait For You” but I haven’t heard anything from his new album. Is it really worth hunting down?

    • See, I actually think “Battlefield” is a better-written song, and while Jordin’s voice is nowhere near Be’s, she’s really shown some growth since the first CD. As for Elliott, this CD goes in a more R&B direction, and I think it suits him well. Whether you should spend your hard-earned money on it depends on if you would like that direction.

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  8. I like following the Idol finalists too, even though I haven’t watched the show in years. I like to follow those who actually crossover from being successful TV stars to being successful music stars. Also, I agree the cover is bad, but maybe that’s a good sign: The cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway wasn’t very flattering either.

    • I agree…it’s almost like a reality show continued. Why haven’t they done one following a couple of mid-pack contestants?

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