12 comments on “Blake Lewis, the Sequel

  1. well ok, i was a little concerned about blakes new direction, but not so concerned that i wouldnt have checked it out. however an anthem for the broken hearted sounds immense. I’m very excited.

  2. You know, I really want to be excited about Blake’s new direction but I’m not really. I loved many tracks from ADD but have not been excited at all about his new dance cover songs. I am hoping the new album will be good but I think his chance has passed. You can thank Clive Davis and “Break Anotha”.

    • If “End of the World” or “I Got U” had been released as a single, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Those records were AMAZING. But we are. It’s tough on the in-between output, because those tracks were someone else’s vision, and he was providing vocals. I think “Sad Song” will be a good indicator of where he’s going. Here’s hoping it’s worth listening to.

  3. I’m definitely interested to hear this. I’m a complete whore for the new wave of American dance music. Hopefully, he bucks the Idol curse and comes up with something non-conventional!

    • If there was any shot for him to come up with something non-conventional, yet hope to get a large audience, I think Tommy Boy is about the best he could have done, unless he had gotten signed to Astralwerks.

  4. Ahhh – how did I miss this post?

    I effing love Blake Lewis (and I think like Lambert – it was obvious he’d come in 2nd, and it’s probably a better thing for them overall). So psyched to hear new material. I cannot even explain. Be sure to give me a nudge when that new one drops to make sure I hear about it. I always tend to hear about these things last. ::sob:: Haha!

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