13 comments on “Atlantic Crossovers

  1. I’m waiting semi-patiently to hear the studio version of “About A Girl”–it seems like it’ll have more shelf life (on my iPod, at least) than “Get Sexy.”

    Agnes getting any degree of success here would be phenomenal.

    • “Get Sexy” has been a slow-burner for me, which is a good sign, but “About A Girl” has much more of an immediate impact. But yeah…final judgment should be reserved until the studio version surfaces.

  2. This will be run at American #3 for the ‘babes, right? I’m pretty sure I remember “Freak Like Me” and “Round Round” getting very limited exposure during their first attempt. “Hole in the Head” amazingly made it to #23 at top 40 radio in the summer of 2004. Great song as always.

    • You are absolutely correct, although I think we’re both thinking of airplay. “Hole In the Head” only got to #96 on the Hot 100.

  3. You think Agnes has that big a chance over here? Don’t get me wrong, I love her stuff. I recall, though, tons of $$ spent to break her in the UK. And Top 5 is not bad t’all… but I don’t believe she’s had a follow-up released there yet.

    • I really think she’s got a chance. The song is perfectly timed for where pop music is at the moment, and I will go one further and say that she may follow Leona Lewis to the upper reaches of the chart. She won’t hit #1 unless Oprah has her on the show, though.

  4. Well, good luck to Sugababes and even though Agnes makes my blood run cold, I have to say “Release Me” has grown on me immensely. However, Australia is actually quite a similar market to the US (check out our charts) and Agnes has stalled outside the top 50. It’s been hanging around for months but it just seems a bit too pop for an increasingly urban/dance market place. I wonder if it will face the same situation in America.

    • Ya know, I thought the same thing about Leona, and look what happened with that. Then again, Simon Cowell and Oprah appear to have some type of deal to promote his artists, so I am sure it didn’t hurt that she got her first exposure on Oprah’s show. I really don’t see the Sugababes thing happening, especially with LaToya getting a head start and taking a run at the charts.

  5. I still don’t see what the deal is with this Cascada song. It amazes me that it’s even doing as well as it is right now in the Top 50. Europe has so many more amazingly talented artists with singles that should be big in the U.S.

    I’m shocked that “When Love Takes Over” fared so poorly; I know for a fact that it got tons of airplay here in Canada. Agnes is starting to get airplay over here too. Will be keeping a tab on that.

    • Cascada won me over with this one, Will. It’s infectious, to use the cheesy imagery from the song. Here’s hoping the Agnes catches some momentum.

  6. Release Me is one of my favourite songs of the year, I do prefer the remixes of get Sexy than the single,
    I have always loved the American charts but less so over the past few years, there are too many similar songs in the top ten or the same songs are there for weeks or months,

    • David, no argument whatsoever. We have gotten extremely repetitive, but this isn’t the first time that has happened, and it won’t be the last, either.

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