7 comments on “Leanin’ Up Against the Record Machine

  1. There won’t be a pop remix of ‘Cowboy Casanova’. Carrie blogged to reaffirm that she’s against remixing for other formats (she refused to remix ‘Before He Cheats’) and that there will only be one version of ‘Cowboy Casanova’ released.

    • Davilas, thanks for the input. My mistake on the term “remix”, but the record company can provide a version of the song that’s not as heavy on the fiddles, steel guitar, etc. And let’s be honest…this song sounds a LOT like the remix version of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”, so in some ways, we are just splitting hairs over what is remixed, and what isn’t. To argue that Carrie isn’t going the Taylor Swift route is a slippery slope, as even in it’s current form, this song sounds pop already. Having said all of that, I’m a big Carrie fan, and I don’t have an issue with her reaching a wider audience. To expect an artist to always stay in one box is an unfair expectation.

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  3. Carrie will never have the pop success that Taylor Swift has. Carrie’s too “manufactured” – in a sense that her career has been very calculated (thanks American Idol). Taylor, on the other hand, seems genuine and effortless in her approach to music. She’s adorable, young, and plays guitar, she’s a shoo-in for cross-over success.

    But I’m sure Carrie’s new album will go to #1 on the country charts – that’s a given.

    • Yuri, I will have to respectfully disagree on this one. You only have to look at Shania Twain to recognize that both of these artists will succeed for different reasons. Carrie’s got the voice, and Taylor has the talent, but there is a bit of calculation in both of their approaches. Taylor actually reworks her songs instrumentally for pop radio, so I don’t know how that isn’t calculation.

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