7 comments on “What I’ve Learned from (Dead) Michael Jackson

  1. The Freemason’s mix is quite lovely, and yes, it’s been quite the circus since the death. I guess we’ll see what Janet has in store for us on the VMAs tonight. Big MJ tribute will be on…

  2. I wish I could be surprised by the selling of Michael after he has passed on, but of course dead celebrities mean cash in the bank 😦

    Janet was very good at the VMAs and I quite liked Madonna’s speech!

    • Good point, Paul. You only have to look at Courtney Love to see how death and cash go hand in hand. And yes, Janet was very good.

  3. That was a great post John, I love the Rock With You post, if u are listening to the old songs again listen to I Can’t Help It and The Lady In My Life, both are so wonderful.

    Jermaine was on Irish TV last week, it was quite a good interview, the line between tribute and bad taste is a fine one indeed,

    I think in years time people will love MJ’s music even more and look back and be embarrassed that someone like Kanye was a big star,

    love when u do posts like this, I have to get back to my studies soon but I’ll always read your blog,


    • David, thanks so much. I enjoy your more personal posts as well. And I think the next generation is already getting into MJ, if Madonna’s comments are any indication. “Lady In My Life” is an absolute classic, and I will go back and check out “I Can’t Help It”.

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