7 comments on “VMA – Various Musical Attitudes

  1. Well, Madonna didn’t stomp on anyone’s winner moment, plug any new material, show any skin, or bleed on anyone. She was dressed in homage and told a personal story from her life that involved Michael. How is that not a class act? And remember, he was considered the King of Pop. She is the Queen. Back in the day, there was no other male star brighter than he, and vice versa for Madgie. There is your bond. Any questions?

    • You know what? I don’t disagree with anything you have said, and I think that overall, it was classy. It just rubbed me the wrong way that she said that he was more messed up than she ever would be because of his upbringing, especially with his dad and brother sitting there. She gave a eulogy last night, and would you ever say anything like that at someone’s funeral? I give her mad props for acknowledging his talent and also his humanity, but that one blemish keeps coming back to me.

  2. i actually took her emphasis on his f’d up childhood as a way of again reminding those who judge MJ for being an overgrown stunted child and seeming very strange and a “freak” that they should never sit in judgment without again remembering where he came from and that maybe he became what we all called him… i know lots of (especially) white middle america continues (even after his death) to mock him for being a “weirdo” and “pervert” — these were people who listened to his music all through the 80’s mind you. I thought she was doing a great job of saying “hey… he came from a very normal average, even poor background and these things made him different… think about that.” I think in some ways even MJ would have had to have admitted that by most standards he was a “weirdo” so i didn’t think she was doing him any injustice by saying the obvious… but then sort of saying “but he was still human…” — i have to say, the image of the two of them hanging out and watching a movie was so great… i mean what else would two human beings do hanging out together? but we have to be reminded of that… we need to be reminded of that.

    • Like I said in the post, I know I am in the minority on this one, and I completely respect where everyone is coming from. It’s tough, because I wanted it to be a bridging moment, and I was so close to allowing it to be so, but she didn’t seal the deal with me. For some reason, I never gave into the pedophilia accusations that so many folks did. I believe that, no matter what your gut instinct may say, you have to let the courts do their job, and the court of public opinion should be secondary. She could have said what she said without putting it into the context that she did in front of his family.

      • I think a huge part of it is her affect. I think Madonna is just not that personable or warm when she speaks and usually comes across as distant and therefore insincere… it’s been a problem/characteristic for her for a long time and probably won’t ever change. She ends up seeming pompous and cold… but i think, in this case, she was being honest…

  3. I also think that Madonna, even this far into her career, has a serious case of nerves when she has to speak, especially when it is outside the venue of her own shows.

    I did not watch the VMAs or Madonna’s speech so I can’t really comment on her sincerity, but she does come off as insincere or cold A LOT. Which is why it’s so refreshing when she isn’t.

    • That’s such a bizarre concept to me. She’s in good company, though…Carly Simon’s stage fright is legendary.

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