4 comments on “Welcome to the Future

  1. I may have said it before, but I love that you cover country; I need to pay more attention to that scene.

    My Brad Paisley knowledge is pretty minimal (some singles), but I bet he’d put on a great show–in fact, there are several country artists who I’d love to see live despite probably not even knowing all the singles they’d do largely because they seem like such solid performers.

    • Thanks…it’s something I will continue to cover. And the thing I like about country shows is that, even on a bigger scale, it’s still primarily about the music. No one says “I have to see a Brad Paisley show once before I die” like they do about a U2 or Madonna show, but you go for the body of work. At least I do.

  2. You had great seats!

    Like PPG, I don’t know much about country, but it’s always cool to read about it here. Keep up the good werq, dude!

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