9 comments on “Everything Will Be Fine

  1. I love K’naan! Okay so I only heard “Wavin Flag” so I guess it would be more accurate to say I love that song. But seriously, I love that song. I first heard it in a fitness class. The teacher was playing a mixed CD and it was all meh and then this song came on and she skipped it! But luckily I’d heard enough that I could download it.

  2. Ah you lucky ducky. one of my favourite singers! I’ve only ever seen him in small venues in the UK and would love to see him play large outdoors :/ (Thanks for the invite 😛 )

    Note ~ Last time I saw him play, the venue cut him off at 10pm so we didn’t get his big hits (at the time) Wordplay or Geek In The Pink! Travesty!

  3. That venue sounds AMAZING! Do you have more pictures? It looks beautiful. I’d love to see Jason live at least once — every person I speak to only has lovely things to say about him. And I’m so so SO glad you enjoyed K’NAAN. If there’s any tracks on the CD (or even the whole CD) you’d like, let me know and I’ll send it over. So much of his sound is so unique and inspired in a music world full of cliche…much like in Jason I suppose so maybe they truly are a good fit. 🙂

  4. Wow, I’ve been to his concert this year too. Not a huge venue but it was definitely packed. We didn’t get “Details In The Fabric” though but we got Wonderwall interlude during The Remedy which I think it’s SUPER! One of the great artist to listen to live. The atmosphere and vocal is superb! RM100 well spent! =)

    • We got the “Wonderwall” interlude as well, and I sang at the top of my lungs! Before I die, I need to see that song performed live by Oasis. If there is still an Oasis, anyway.

  5. I bet the “I’m Yours” sing-along was awesome! Glad you had great time. I’d be annoyed at the other dude too. What’s up with demanding folks do stuff at a show. So not cool…

  6. That sounds like a blast. I love outdoor shows! Yes, K’Naan is admirable because he makes meaningful music in a genre that lacks it these days. And above it, he’s Canadian too. Yay!

    • For some reason, I was thinking he had emigrated to America instead of Canada. There goes my Ameri-centric attitude!

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