8 comments on “So Won’t You Dance

  1. oh, trust me, there’s plenty more money left in them to promote them in the US. #76 actually isn’t bad. i think that makes them the first act based out of asia to reach that level of success on the Hot 100.

    is it bad that i was more excited about the snippet of the song early in the wonder girls video moreso than the actual song? yes, it’s bad isn’t it?

    • I’ve read the same thing about them being the first. Hopefully they can make it two in a row.

  2. really like the robyn song john, she was one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen here in dublin, full of personality and fab attitude and confidence, hope u get to see her sometime too,

    • I hope so too, David. I may have to travel to see her play with Kelis (if it happens), but I plan on doing it.

  3. I wasn’t pegging you as a Wonder Girls fan, John — that’s awesome! That song has got a killer disco vibe — I’m hoping it surpasses “Nobody” by a long shot. Only time will tell. And if it does, I hope it leads to more KPop acts taking the US plunge. Even if it’s just JYP acts, I wouldn’t mind seeing 2AM put boy bands back on the map. 😉

    And Robyn and Kelis? **passes out** How amazing.

    • Well, the Wonder Girls/2AM tour is ongoing, so who knows? And yeah, I will travel a long distance to see Robyn and Kelis.

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