4 comments on “Random Notes – 10/2/08

  1. Oh no you didn’t call Kellie Pickler fans trashy!!! I actually REALLY liked her first record, and downloaded the new one out of curiosity.

    I am still in love with Will Young though, so that’s all I can really think about right now…

  2. You know, I haven’t been a big fan of much that the Killers have done (mostly, the style of music doesn’t hit the right buttons), but I am really liking “Human” quite a bit. It manages to inject a bit of a new sound for them without it seeming like they’re trying on a shirt 3 sizes too small or large.

    And I’m totally with the comment above – I am in love with the new Will Young record. It is on track to be my album of the year.

  3. Duane, I didn’t mean Kellie fans, I meant AI fans. But you got just a little TOO defensive there. Anything you’d care to share with the group? But I appreciate your pushing of Will Young…I am LOVING “Let It Go”.

    Dan, I also agree with your Killers comment. Six weeks until the full-length…

    D’luv, that sheep herder’s probably in the trauma unit with the external IUD she’s wearing.

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