4 comments on “We Sing, We Dance, We Go To Concerts

  1. Jason is definitely one of my top 5 male singers of all time. Live High is one of the euphoric highlights of his album. He did something similar with the downbeat but marvelous Life Is Wonderful from his last set. And dude knows how to rock out a cover version. Several have been committed to studio recordings over the years but definitely my faves are Rainbow Connection, Melt With You and Summer Breeze. Man can do no wrong. Glad you had fun at the concert.

  2. I SO sympathize re home and money changes. My year began that way and it was terrifying. I am still, 9 mos on, not totally chilled, but I am better. I opted to go with some big changes to what I’d known before and I’d say not only was it good for me, but I ended up better off. Knock wood!

  3. Paul, agreed on all points, but most especially the covers. “Peg” was just amazing, and I had a blast with “Buttercup”. I didn’t like “Rainbow Connection” as much, but it’s tough to hate that song, ya know?

    Yuri, I highly recommend it if you get a chance to go.

    XO, thanks for the sympathy. I know it’s all going to work itself out, but you just have to make it through the rough spots on the way to smooth sailing.

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