4 comments on “Video Notables – Craig David/David Cook

  1. What i don’t get is why the single is out and then the video comes several weeks later? Insanity! Or maybe the record company thinks, ah but the video will boost it way back up the charts now. I fear they may be mistaken and their marketing mismatch may cost the cookie a decent chart position.

  2. not interested in Kim Caldwell at all. What a bad choice. Why his name is being marketed next to her is terrible.

    Bad PR….very bad. Caldwell is one of the most annoying non talented losers ever from Idol.

  3. Who knows, Paul. It has been a rough ride with the marketing.

    Cynthia, I appreciate your concern, but I gather with Cook that he genuinely wanted to go out with her, and didn’t do it just for publicity.

  4. I think Cynthia mean’t that his PR people should tell him to shut up. The girl is not well liked or respected. He is A list but will tankr to her D List level very soon.
    Let’s start with his Light On sales, and now his 3rd place finish. Not exactly the best stats… I love how RCA is trying to put a spin on everything. He is in 7th place…behind other idols..

    Caldwell is killing his credibility, Trust Me…

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