3 comments on “Chart Notable – 11/20/08

  1. The whole Guns N Roses thing makes me want to like pop (the drink). I may still have to register for my free, what is it, Pepsi (?) anyway.

    Good for little David A.

  2. I do believe Sasha will fiercely knock TI out of the Top spot next week. And I thought Katy Hooker Perry would’ve had more staying power than that. I mean, Hot N Cold is the best song she’s got.

  3. PG, do they still do the cap thing? I thought that died a long time ago. Tells you how much Pepsi I drink.

    Yuri, she’ll be #1 on the album chart, but I think she’s still got another week or so to go before she tops the Hot 100 again.

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