6 comments on “Record Companies Killed the Record Store

  1. 2 things: Jimmy sold is soul a long time ago. Interscope has out some nasty shit into the world. I agree with you that this kind of greed is what killed brick and mortar stores. (Just bought the Coldplay EP from an indie store inDC!)

    Next, you’re in Boulder!? Gahhh! I loved it there – I was there for a week in summer 07 at the Boulderado. I really liked the Dushanbe Tea House and took many walks in the neighborhoods there. Lovely place.

  2. Great article. And I totally agree. It’s shocking how the music industry’s response to fighting music piracy is not to make music available in more ways but to restrict it to make it harder for people to buy! I think the exclusives coming out this year is a really bad way to go. Just as bad as restricting international commerce as XOLondon commented on about 7Digital today. When they made their primary store UK exclusive over the summer I was so mad. I thought we lived in a global economy now. Sorry to rant, but these sorts of things really irritate me as someone who isn’t downloading everything for free illegally and actually wants to spend money on the music he likes. Why are the record companies making it harder for me to do so? I just don’t get it.

  3. Dude, you nailed it. We’ll not be able to get any *physical* back catalogue items from any artist in the near future. At least, not at the big retail chains. Online, sure, but not anywhere else. Sad.

    And to add to Xo and Will’s 7-digital slams–yeah, I thought we were supposed to be a global economy too. If I want to throw double $$ at some quality UK tracks, I should be able to do that–even if I don’t live in the UK. Xenophobia sucks.

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  5. XO, I live halfway between Denver and Boulder, so I get the best of both worlds. And the Tea House really is an amazing space. It was actually built overseas, and then shipped here piece by piece.

    ww, my guess is that they see early sales as a lost PR opportunity. They would rather focus the purchasing in a country to maximize sales. And we saw how well that worked with Kylie, right?

    Yuri, I’m already starting my list for the London trip in May.

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