3 comments on “You Only Get One Hit

  1. Love the list! Especially the Jasmine Guy cut. Though, “Another Like My Lover” was definitely the personal highlight for me from her album. I disagree that the album was “crap”. I think that’s too harsh of a word. Yes, some of the songs are weak but it was what was happening in R&B at that time with the some of the top R&B producers of that time producing her.

    By the way, do you remember another TV star at the same time, Tisha Campbell who released an album? Now, Tisha’s album was definitely one of those rare gems in which I love every single song on the disc. Though, she never culled a top 40 hit from it, much to my disappointment.

  2. I could not possibly agree more with the inclusion of Jane Child (which oddly enough I just listened to last night for the first time in forever) and Boy Krazy. “That’s What Love Can Do” is a huge college song for me, mostly because I was dunce and thought it was Kylie.

    But hey, it *was* SAW.

    Great blog – will definitely be reading more.

  3. Joe, I thought that it was a little harsh when I wrote it, so I will retract “crap”, but I will stand by the fact that there is a reason she didn’t record CD #2.

    Dan…glad you like the blog. We must be about the same age, because I have the same associations.

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