15 comments on “Radio 1 Is My Luvah

    • Do you think it will, Ken? I don’t really have a good feel for how it’s looking, but Radio 1 airplay sure can’t hurt!

  1. Ok Mr Hudson. Amazing

    The Gossip. Amazing. Totally won over by them thanks to their brilliant, katy perry hating, perez hilton skewering Attitude interview.

    Paloma. Yes loving her too.

    YOu lost me at Linkin Park. 😛

    • I thought I lost you on the way out of the restroom? 😉

      Like I said, Linkin Park is not my typical track, but it sounds good on the radio.

  2. I don’t quite get Paloma. She just sounds like every other retro soul singer wannabe and we already have more than enough of them. However, I love The Gossip and the Mr Hudson remix. UK radio is way more classy than ours. We have to make do with “superstars” like Cassie Davis and Nat Bass. Yawn.

    • I can understand the hesitation with Paloma. When I heard the song on the radio, I thought “is this as good as I think it is?” Then I found the video, and decided “yes”. I will admit that the cool video may have influenced my opinion, but I’m won over now.

  3. I love Radio 1 too. I should listen to it more throughout the day. Lately I’ve been focused on Little Boots and Agnes’s albums.

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing! I can’t get enough of Little Boots at the moment. “Remedy” keeps going on repeat, which is rare for me.

  4. I continue to sing the praises of the Fred Falke remix of that Gossip single, which takes a pretty decent song musically (very special lyrically) and turns it into pure magic…

    • I actually missed that there were remixes already. Maybe when it’s available here commercially, I will check it out.

  5. The Gossip is soooo good. The Fred Falke remix ain’t that bad either.

    Okay. I think I just type the same thing as Adam with an E dude. Er..

    • It’s all good. I’m getting very excited for the full-length to hit the street, especially since they’ve now posted samples.

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