4 comments on “Random Notes – 12/9/08

  1. I don’t get Akon or that Colby dude. But that’s because i am in a “discovering the hotness that is David’s Cookie” mode 🙂 Adele bores me to tears though 😦 😦 😦

  2. You’ve intrigued me–I’m listening to the Akon song via YouTube right now. We’re in the bridge and it’s good so far…

    Speaking of Colby, I was kind of half-wondering a while back if his album was any good.

    I hadn’t noticed that about Robyn! That’s nice. I’m having trouble pushing a proper U.S. push for her at this stage, but hope that brilliance will just suddenly get recognized and suddenly her songs will be all over the radio springs eternal.

    All right, so “Beautiful” is winding down and I think I’m going to go buy it from Amazon! Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out the other highlights you mentioned while I’m there.

  3. Paul, “want a cookie” takes on new meaning now. The more you mention your infatuation, the more jealous I am that you got to see the boy in the flesh.

    Yuri, no arguments on Robyn. With Akon, I can appreciate some of what he’s doing, although it’s gets WAY too formulaic at times.

    PG, glad you liked the track. It definitely caught me off guard, as did much of the full-length. And here’s hoping with Robyn. “Dream On” is such a great track, but I fear it’s a bit too sophisticated, compared to all the other stuff that’s at Pop Radio right now.

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