5 comments on “The Good and Bad of 2008

  1. ooo some good observations here – this year i have been loving the emergence of “smart blogs” – people with proper thought out opinions. Hurrah for pop music notes.

    I have been loathing poor performance of singles that should do better – a trend started by singles from the second albums by Maroon 5, Scissor Sisters and The Killers. Particularly in the UK, it seemed nothing could shift these acts songs once the album hit the shops. And now the same curse has befallen Will Young and The Feeling>>? I really don’t understand

  2. Yay for the PSB recognition this year. “The Loving Kind” is simply a beautiful track. Heck, on that note, the entire GA album is great. I am loving that right now.

    I’m wondering if the Taylor Swift “phenomenon” you talk about is a product of folks buying her tracks individually on iTunes rather than the tunes being “singles” — officially, anyway? Sure, Taylor could pull it off and release that many, but that’s not standard fare for other artists these days.

    And booo to the record company whores and their stupid decisions this year. I imagine this time next year, several of the labels will have gone under completely. We shall see…

  3. Great post Paul. I like your discussion about the rapid release of singles. While I do like singles coming faster (like every 3 months), I agree that what Taylor Swift did was lame. What I liked: Strong showing of pop music on the Hot 100. What I didn’t: Poor UK chart placings for 2nd, 3rd, 4th singles from an album. Also UK rock bands not charting well this year (except Coldplay of course).

  4. Paul, nice way to work in earning the money my mom’s been sending you. And I completely agree about the singles performances. Can we throw Keane in the mix, too?

    Yuri, the Taylor Swift songs were all available one at a time leading up to the release of “Fearless”. While they were only going to be album cuts, they count as singles because of the way they were released to the public. Or that’s how I’m going to classify them, anyway.

    ww_adh, first off, for someone to confuse me with Paul, I’ll take that as a compliment. And thank you for identifying the return of the Pop. I would like to think this here blog may have had something to do with it, but I suppose some would just credit good music, too. Whatever.

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